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Kemper Valve & Fittings Corp. is the North American market leader in the production of hammer unions for Oil & Gas service. The brand?has been manufacturing and selling high-quality pressure pipe unions and related oilfield fluid control products in the United States since 1965.?

Product Offerings

Kemper has been making pipe unions for over 55 years and is best known for its line of oilfield hammer unions. Over the past 20+ years, we have developed new product lines specifically for the oilfield's well-servicing segment. New products such as plug valves, swivel joints, pup joints, hose loops, check valves, pressure relief valves, high-pressure fittings, debris collectors, ground manifolds, and manifold trailers are sold to the global well-servicing market.?

Due to our stringent engineering requirements and our ISO 9001 and API Q1 registered Quality Management Systems, Kemper has emerged as a premier HPFI iron manufacturer. Kemper has a robust iron recertification program that offers in-house and mobile iron service and recertification throughout the United States.?


The employees of Kemper Valve & Fittings share a common commitment to the quality of the products we've been making for over 55 years. Our products continue to be?100% manufactured, certified and serviced in the United States.


Oil & Gas

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Countries of Use:

North America

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Distribution Channels:

B2B (Direct)


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